The Next Step

It's time for something new. It's time for the next step.

You may or may not know that when I first became a photographer I started building my portfolio in the beauty capital of the world; Paris.

I learned a lot in France and even found my style as an artist there but I was never too fond of its capital.

Finally the time has come for me to leave France for good and move to Spain or rather Madrid to be precise. Spain is the land of both my ancestors and my heart. I love Spain's language, culture and people. As for Madrid it's my favourite city in the world, I feel like it truly is the place where I need to be and will probably remain for ever.

I'm currently building my first studio in the district of "La Latina", in the heart of the city. One advantage of being a beauty photographer is that I need a lot less space than one might for some other specialisations thus I have decided to keep the shooting area small and luxurious, meanwhile upgrading my equipment to the highest specifications in order to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.

The new studio is set to be finished in July 2017 but if you wish you can already contact me to schedule tests or request a quote for an assignment.